Eversholt Calendar

Everyone, please add village events to this calendar!

Everyone who can edit this website can add events on the calendar and make changes to events that are already there, by clicking the "+Google Calendar" symbol that should appear in the bottom right of the calendar on this page when signed in to a google account. That should take you to the calendar opened in google docs. There, click on a day to add an event. Click on "Edit event details" to set precise time and place of the event and add a description. Google docs calendars are complicated - you can have several calendars at once and it's easy to enter an event on the wrong calendar. It's possible to change which calendar the event is on later, though, to "Eversholt Village Calendar".

If you're not able to add an event to the calendar, you could try leaving a message and see if someone else will do it for you.

Anyone who can edit this site can edit any event on this page, and anyone can make a mistake, so don't bet your farm on this calendar!

Eversholt Village Calendar