Eversholt Crash Map

This is an experimental page to provide data from www.crashmap.com. They (somewhat morbidly, but quite usefully) map the police road accident reports for the whole country. This is experimental because their initial interface couldn't be embedded in a website to provide local data, you had to go there and search for yourself. Very obligingly, they came up with a new interface especially so that we could embed their map here.  Thank you, crashmap! It nearly works - click the "-" zoom button twice on the map to see most of the village. If you zoom out too far, the crash indicator symbols disappear, and you have to zoom back in again, because the M1 gets so many crashes. They try to make money by selling the detailed reports of each accident - you can see the map for free, the detailed reports cost money. You can do that in the embedded window here but it's a bit fiddly, or you can click here to go to the crashmap website directly.

The embedded map works just like a google map, you can move it around to see other places and turn on the satellite view to see the terrain.

Sorry, this page seems to confuse internet explorer fatally, and is unreliable on safari, including iPad and iPhone. Best viewed using Chrome :-(
Click the "-" zoom button twice to see most of the village.

www.crashmap.com data for Eversholt