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This page is for sending out news to the Eversholt News mailing list. It's for local small ads, events and news about crime and suspicious activity. Anyone can add themselves to the mailing list and can view the archive of mailed messages, and anyone can try and post a message, but all the messages have to be approved by a list manager before they're sent out to the whole list, to try to eliminate spam.

To subscribe to the mailing list and receive email news about Eversholt, you can enter your email address below. Once you click "subscribe", you should see a popup telling you that an email has been sent. You should automatically be sent an email which contains a link to click to confirm your subscription. Once you're subscribed, you'll be sent email whenever any news is announced. It's run by Google groups, but you don't need a Google account to subscribe to the list, any email address will do.

Sorry, that signup page doesn't seem to work on an iPad.
If you have trouble signing up for any reason, you can call Emrys Williams on 280146, or email emrys.williams@eversholt.net, and he'll sort it out for you.

You can use the gadget below to look at the mailing list archive and, if you have a google account, to post new messages (they'll wait for a moderator to approve them before they appear). Or you can send email directly, without needing a google account, to eversholt-news@googlegroups.com (they'll still wait for moderation).

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