Eversholt on Twitter

This is just an experiment for the moment, but we're looking at using twitter to distribute some Eversholt News. Twitter can send free texts to phones on the O2, 3, Vodaphone and Orange networks. So, it's possible to create a twitter account (free), register a phone to use with that account (free), and have twitter send  the phone texts (free) when news about Eversholt is posted. The twitter account we're using to test this out has the screen name Eversholtian and you can see the account at http://twitter.com/#!/Eversholtian. If you follow that account with your twitter account you'll see news as it is tweeted. You have to set up texts separately for each account you're following - click the mobile phone symbol on the account on your folllower page.

The idea of this is to try to send emergency alerts and cries for help that are so important that you might want them to wake you up - like "Intruders at Tyrells End Farm NOW - help!". But we've not quite worked out how to do it yet.

Meanwhile, for those of you who sneer at twitter, below are listed the latest tweets by Eversholtian. I hope!

Eversholt2 Tweets

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