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If anyone knows of any birds nests please let me know. I am hoping to ring as many chicks as I can this year. Martin. mcanstee@me.com

Nicola's lament
A cry from the heart about Eversholt today. Read it here.

Eversholt School on TV!

YouTube Video

Iain Dickson's very scholarly MSc Dissertation on the archaeology of Eversholt is available here.

Eversholt Church Flower Festival 2014 - see the photos here.

Latest sightings and exciting news of a Barn Owl in Tyrells End. Local sightings

More news about Joyce's Postcard and Alfred Thurston Mills, headmaster at Eversholt School.

Local Seamstress and Dressmaker  go to Local seamstress and dressmaker

A recording of the broadcast made by 3Counties Radio from the Green Man

An echo of one of our rectors from halfway round the world. Maybe!

Sally Abbiss's Story - a wonderfully rich tale from a Wonderful Eversholt Lady (or is it Phoebe?).

Found: oil painting. Reunited with its owner through the eversholt-news mailing list! Sign up here!

Jubilee Lunch was a great success – despite the rain - see the report here

Joyce's Postcard - a lovely story from a chance survivor, one of several postcards of Eversholt

The Eversholt Women's Institute 1965 Scrapbook - jewel of Eversholt's heritage! Available in full online here.

Chris Hawkes's album of the swimming pool 1960.

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